The Boundary Commission is proposing to create a single ward with three CWaC Councillors for Burton, Little Neston, Ness , Neston and Parkgate. They ask for views:

Have your say
5 We are consulting on our draft recommendations for a ten-week
period, from 29 August 2017 to 6 November 2017. We encourage everyone to use this opportunity to contribute to the design of the new wards – the more public views we hear, the more informed our decis ions will be when analysing all the views we receive.
6 We ask everyone wishing to contribute ideas for the new wards to first read this report and look at the accompanyi ng map before responding to us. You have until 6 November 2017 to have your say on the draft recommendations.
123 The Commission has an open mind about its draft recommendations. Every representation we receive will be considered, regardless of who it is from or whether it relates to the whole borough or just a part of it.
124 If you agree with our recommendations, please let us know.
If you don’t think our recommendations are right for
Cheshire West & Chester, we want to hear alternative proposals for a different pattern of wards.
125 Our website has a special consultation area where you can explore the maps and draw your own proposed boundaries. You can find it at
126 Submissions can also be made by emailing or by writing to: Review Officer (Cheshire West & Chester) The Local Government Boundary Commission for England, 14th Floor, Millbank Tower, Millbank, London SW1P 4QP

The full proposals can be read in this large pdf:

The paragraphs relating to the Neston area are:

Neston & Parkgate

88 We received two submissions for this area in addition to the three borough-wide submissions. These were from a councillor who stated that residents would prefer single-councillor wards in the town and from Neston Town Council.

89 The Town Council submitted a scheme for three single-councillor wards, all of which would have good electoral equality in 2023. The Town Council explained that its proposal was basedon a preference for single-councillor wards, accepting as a consequence that some of its boundaries ‘are somewhat arbitrary’.

90 The Conservative Group proposed a three-councillor ward for Neston and Burton. Cheshire West Labour proposed three single-councillor wards while

Cheshire West & Chester Liberal Democrats proposed two single-councillor wards and one two-councillor ward covering Neston and Burton, all of which had poor electoral equality.

91 We visited Neston and carefully considered the boundaries proposed. While these were logical in places they were also somewhat arbitrary in others, as the Town Council stated. We considerthat the town is a cohesive unit and, given the limited community evidence in the submissions we received, dividing Neston into three wards risks splitting communities unnecessarily. Therefore, we propose to adopt the three-councillor ward proposed by the Conservative Group.