Neston Town Council New Committees May 2017

TERMS OF REFERENCE – Broad areas of competence

COMMITTEE ON PEOPLE (Cllrs Barker (Chair), Clayton, Griffiths, Fleetwood, Lloyd, Loch, Cray.)

Cultural and community development

Health and wellbeing of the community

COMMITTEE ON PLACES (Cllrs Barker, Chambers (Chair), Cray, Griffiths, Kynaston, Loch, Roberts)

Planning applications

Enhancement of the environment

Highways and public transport

COMMITTEE ON POLICY (Cllrs Marlow (Chair), Barker, Carter, Chambers, Kynaston)

Strategic Finance




COMMITTEE ON RESOURCES (Cllrs Barker, Carter (Chair), Chambers, Clayton, Kynaston, Marlow, Pilley)

Financial health of the Council

Management of Council’s and managed capital assets

Economic development

The full terms of reference are on the Town Council side of the website here. Scroll down to FC1 9b